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Strax Security System

Photo by Port of Palm Beach

Southeast Hay Distributors President and CEO Alexander Christensen was recently interviewed by WPBF 25 News about the new STRAX Intelligence Group safety and security system implemented at the Port of Palm Beach.

The security upgrades the system brings to the Port of Palm Beach benefit tenants such as us and stakeholders of the Port and the public.

WPBF 25 News quoted Christensen in their report and video.

“It’s something that really in my opinion makes my employees feel safer,” Christensen said. “A safe work environment is a productive work environment and I know our customers actually value that as well.”

We want to thank WPBF 25 News and The Port of Palm Beach for including us in this news report. Please click here to watch.

To learn more about the STRAX platform, please watch this video by the Port of Palm Beach.

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