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From the field to your farm or store, we spend a considerable amount of time traveling the world to cultivating relationships and form strategic alliances with suppliers and clients alike. Getting to know the growers and manufacturers of our products allows us to build a solid foundation, the same solid foundation that our clients rely on. By continually working to increase our supplier base, we have implemented our aggressive plans for future growth and development by providing even more options for our ever-growing list of customers.

As well-educated buyers, we work directly with our customers by customizing orders to fit their individual needs. We pride ourselves on establishing a close relationship with each of our clients to best serve each client’s needs. Whether it’s sourcing a particular type of hard-to-find hay or extending credit terms through our export finance programs custom-tailored to suit international business needs, we deliver solutions that fit the scope and requirements outlined by our clients.

From the field
to your farm.
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What Our Customers Say...

Meet Our Team

The foundation of every great company starts with its employees; the key players in the day-to-day operations. We are lucky to have a great team supporting us that includes:

Alexander Christensen
Alexander Christensen President & CEO, Operations
(561) 623-9009 ext 801 Read Bio
Meet Alexander
Alexander Christensen President & CEO, Operations Phone: (561) 623-9009 ext 801

Alex started Southeast Hay Distributors in 2008 after identifying an unfulfilled need in his local equestrian market and found a way to capitalize on that need. To better understand his success, it is best to start with his background. Growing up in Missouri as the son of a marketing executive, he made lifelong connections with farming families while learning firsthand the importance of adequately marketing a product, no matter what it is.

After moving to Wellington, Florida (colloquially known as the winter horse capital of the United States) he quickly realized that he had a perspective that few others could rely upon: he had a hands-on understanding of both ends of the equine forage industry- both the production and the consumption, the supply and the demand. When combined with his undying commitment to supplying and marketing the finest quality products, this unique viewpoint has skyrocketed his company from a one-man show operating out of a local coffee shop to an international force to be reckoned with.

Jessica Rhinelander
Jessica Rhinelander Operations Manager
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Meet Jessica
Jessica Rhinelander Operations Manager Phone: (561) 623-9009 ext 804

Originally from the east coast of Canada, Jessica moved to south Florida in 2013 where she was captivated by the sandy beaches and Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and over twenty years of experience in the equestrian industry as a rider, coach, and business owner. Jessica now brings her passion for all things horses to Southeast Hay Distributors.

Chelsea Smith
Chelsea Smith Marketing and Technology Manager
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Meet Chelsea
Chelsea Smith Marketing and Technology Manager Phone: (561) 623-9009 ext 805

A Kentucky native, Chelsea realized her passion for horses early-on, which led her to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science and Management in the heart of horse country at the University of Kentucky. After completing her undergraduate degree, she earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Midway University.

She has gained extensive marketing and communications experience working for various well-known membership associations in the equine industry throughout her career. She is now bringing her marketing expertise to Southeast Hay.

Chelsea is a lifelong equestrian and enjoys competing her off-the-track-Thoroughbred Bourbon Chase in the sport of three-day eventing.

Sandra Lawson Logistics Coordinator
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Meet Sandra
Logistics Coordinator Phone: (561) 623-9009 ext 803

A French citizen from Paris, Sandra moved to South Florida in 2014 after graduating with a Master’s Degree in International Management.

Sandra has spent half of her life globe-trotting and interacting with locals. Through these adventures, Sandra began to develop a strong desire to connect with people, which led her to pursue a career in logistics and distribution.

Sandra’s expertise working in Paris, Dubai, and Miami will help promote a healthy supply chain at Southeast Hay Distributors.

Dr Ajmal Shah
Dr. Ajmal Shah Business Development - Middle East & Far East Region
+971 50 3840036 Read Bio
Meet Dr. Ajmal
Dr Ajmal Shah Business Development - Middle East & Far East Region Phone: +971 50 3840036

Dr. Ajmal Shah, a veterinarian, is involved in the international marketing of a wide range of equine specialty products.

His marketing experience spans over 40 years, and the majority of his time has been spent in the Middle Eastern region apart from the Indian subcontinent and Far Eastern Asian region. His extensive travels worldwide, especially to the USA, have made him a specialist in hay and shavings.

He is currently based in Dubai, the hub in the Middle East for the equine industry, and will be glad to help anyone in this region meet their demands of hay, shavings, or other related products.

Garnet Hooks Warehouse Supervisor
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Meet Garnet
Warehouse Supervisor Phone: (561) 623-9009
Elias Garcia Driver
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Meet Elias
Driver Phone: (561) 623-9009
Ron LaPointe
Ron LaPointe Driver
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Meet Ron
Ron LaPointe Driver Phone: (561) 623-9009
Edward Spence Warehouse Clerk
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Meet Edward
Warehouse Clerk Phone: (561) 623-9009