H300 | Coastal Bermudagrass 2 Tie Bale

H300 | Coastal Bermudagrass Two Tie Bale

Coastal Bermudagrass has been produced in the Southeast US for many years and serves as a lower-cost alternative to orchardgrass and other grasses. Additionally, it offers noteworthy levels of vitamin A, vitamin D, and provides enough nutrition for light working horses. For performance horses, alfalfa should be supplemented into the forage ration to maintain k/caloric requirements. This hay is also sold in a 4×5 round bale format.

Hay Type: Grass Hay

Grade: Premium, Good, Fair, Utility

Bale Format: Two Tie Bale, Bale Baron Bundle

Use: Horse, Farm Animal, Cow, Goat & Sheep, Erosion Control, Landscaping

Available for Pickup: Yes

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